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A Tinos island tourist guide.


Various and strange geological formations compose the natural landscape of Tinos. The windswept island rises in the middle of the Archipelago, defining the Cycladic archipelago from the north. The traveler of the Aegean, approaching Tinos, will honor Panagia Megalohari, a pan-Hellenic place of religious pilgrimage, before embarking on his revealing journey inland. There, the island diligently preserves its unique natural and historical heritage. Numerous scattered settlements, perched on mountain slopes or perched on ravines and small plateaus, still manage to maintain small communities of hard-working farmers and skilled craftsmen, for whom the island has long been famous. In these villages, the traveler will find out how a strong for the Greek data catholic community coexists harmoniously with the corresponding orthodox. [...] (Since the introduction of the version)

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